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BLARGH. Imagine that I have a spiffy title here.

{Characters} Cloud and Zack
{Setting} Gold Saucer. :D
{Rating} Worksafe. I lied. No mansmut, but there is sex talk.
{Status} Complete!
{Other} I really like these squiggly bracket things. Kudos to Cassie, who I stole the idea of using them from. :D [/random]

There wasn't really much for one to do when one was dead. Zack reckoned that he could always go to sleep and have a rest that he didn't really need-- but that was pointless. Not only was he not needful of sleep (he could sleep if he wanted to, but for some reason that was likely related to his unlife, the SOLDIER just never seemed to feel tired), but he tended also to phase through beds at random intervals. It really was getting rather aggravating, having a nice rest on a soft bed and then blinking and finding oneself six feet under.

After separating from Kuja and trying (and failing) to go to sleep, Zack decided to have a walk around the new world that he'd found himself in. Still dressed in his bloodstained turtleneck, dusty trousers, boots and gloves, and wielding the Buster Sword on his back (though Zack doubted that it'd be of much use, what with him ghosting through virtually everything), the spiky-haired brunet ventured out, making not a sound as his boots plodded over gravel and leaves.

It was eerily quiet, as the nighttime was bound to be. Zack filled the silence with a light humming, taking his sword off his back and swinging it every now and then at objects that crossed his path -- trees, shrubs, houses -- as if he actually could cut them. He was perfectly aware that, without anything to mark his passage, it would be difficult for him to backtrack. He was also aware that firstly, Kuja probably wouldn't mind his disappearance too greatly; and secondly, he had all the time in the world to find his way around.

Despite his devil-may-care attitude about his surroundings, it was a strange and overwhelming relief to the SOLDIER to hear a familiar, tinny music carrying through the air. The Gold Saucer; good, another place he actually knew.

Although the place was mostly empty, vacated of people who actually led daytime lives, the Chocobo-shaped amusement park was not without its nighttime charm. Gaudy neon lights colored the sky redgreenbluepurpleyellow as music blared loudly, battling with the almost overwhelming scents of sickly-sweet sidestall junk food.

"I wonder if I could get on a rollercoaster for free," Zack thought aloud. "Maybe I'd just fall through." He eyed the ride in question. "That's... a pretty long fall."

He shrugged. "Maybe later.

"Not that anyone was asking, right?" he added. He sighed, swung his sword, and strapped it to his back. "Great, it's official: I've started talking to myself. Y'know," he berated himself amusedly, "I used to be a first-class SOLDIER. Now I'm just an undead nutjob."

Hands in pockets, Zack sauntered vaguely over to the haunted house, phasing right through the wall. The ghosts in the place were laughable creatures, brightly multi-colored and not scary in the least.

It was ironic, in Zack's opinion, that he was the only real ghost in the place.

As he wandered, Zack thought he spotted someone familiar coming up around a corner. He sighted a head of yellow spikes and grinned. His first instinct was to burst into a huge smile (which he did anyway; almost enough to feel like he was cracking his face in two), run up to the man, and wrap an arm around his shoulder in a pally way. His second was to scare the living shit out of his friend.

Zack thought about that for a moment. It really was no contest.

"Undead nutjob," he said with a short nod, as if his previous words decided everything for him. With that, he phased through the wall behind him and listened intently for the incoming footsteps. Just as Cloud neared Zack's hiding spot, Zack leapt out through the wall, landing next to a bright pink faux ghost with his eyes crossed comically and a hugeass grin on his face as he wiggled his fingers and howled:

"OOoooOooOOooOOOOooooh... I mean, boo."

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