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Gloriosa LIVES. :D

{Characters} Jenova and Sephiroth
{Status} Incomplete
{Setting} Northern Crater
{Rating} Um...not worksafe. Well, at the beginning it is but..yeah.>:D BEWSBIES.

The sickeningly harmonious voices of death amassed into one loud chorus; their own decay and destruction was covered by its harbinger: the Lifestream. And, floating inside… she laughed, softly…

…How ironic, it was that the Angel would be reborn right where she had fallen.

The Northern Crater stirred under her awakening, and the dark innards alighted after years of being in such darkness. Green tendrils illuminated the crags and rocks, and Jenova simply surged upwards with them, still laughing, eyes closed. Her voice was so gentle--- like a mother, amused at her child’s awkward steps. There was so much to be amused at… the volcano-like hole, crumbling before her, the thousands of lives that moaned and lamented around her, all using what remained of themselves to carry herself to back into the light.

And, much like a volcano, the Lifestream spewed forth from its opening, bringing the Angel back into the real world, in a real form…as beautiful as the day she had crashed down on this wretched planet. Everything was wretched around her: the ground her dainty feet now settled upon was charred, the plants were limp and crumbled as Jenova tread forward, skittering slowly down the side of the mountain. Her glowing limbs branched out to catch the ground, as her movements were still graceless-- but at the same time, graceful--, as she had not walked on her own for decades.

She ignored (though it was uncertain, whether she did so on purpose) the screams of the undead spilling out onto the ground around her; the Lifestream was mere puddles of green now, saturating the rocks and ash that covered the Crater. Already she grew weary of the world-- and for so long she had been envious of the living! -- she was remembering how…ugly this Gaia was.

Jenova perched herself at the edge of the crater, where the surface touched small patches of grass and even land. Her naked body basked in the light that now began to stretch out over the horizon--- one thing she believed was still somewhat pleasant, though the voices tumbling around her began to make her ears so. For there was only one voice she wished to hear now…

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