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{Characters} Cloud, Zack, and... anyone who wants to join in later?
{Setting} Dawn. Cloud's room, for now then Midgar Rabanastre
{Rating} Worksafe I lied. Still no mansmut, but there's kissykissy stuff near the end.
{Status} Ongoing BWAHAHAH SO MANY STRIKE-OUTS. This log is complete now. :D

Zack had said before that he had no need for sleep, and he hadn't been lying. Despite the fleeting quarrel (if you could call it that) with Cloud in his journal, Zack soon found his attempts at sleeping in his borrowed bed to be completely and utterly futile. The man was simply not tired. It didn't help that his insomnia was being fueled by both his restless energy and the memories of what had happened in the previous day: coming back to un-life, meeting Kuja, and practically having an aneurysm when Kuja had calmly torched a room of the Honeybee Inn. Not to mention coming back to un-life, meeting Cloud, and having one of the oddest, most sex-driven conversations he'd ever expected to have with his best friend. Zack wasn't sure which was more disturbing: the fact that his new friend had, within the span of an hour, done a speedy, mini recreation of Zack's friendship with Sephiroth (minus the fighting and the stabbing), or the fact that his old friend both claimed to be heterosexual and to want Zack to have sex with him.

That latter bit was all the more puzzling to Zack. When had Cloud decided that he wanted Zack that way? Did Zack want Cloud that way? Granted, he'd thrown flirtations and found Cloud attractive enough, but Zack certainly wasn't intending to screw up what was a perfectly good friendship just for a casual fuck. Not to mention the fact that it would've been pretty awkward, what with Cloud's virginity and Zack's girlfriend and their friendship and, well, everything. It was probably better not to think about it.

Zack, walking through the slums of Midgar, paused and crossed his arms as a thought occurred to him. Really, what the hell had Cloud meant by saying that he was a "male heterosexual" and that he wanted Zack? Was that meant to imply that Zack was a woman? Because, bloody hell, if that was what Cloud had meant, neither incorporeality nor friendship was going to stop Zack from marching up to Cloud and putting his spiky blond head through a wall.

As memories of burning rooms and innuendo with his best friend (and the consequent memories of burning villages, slashing and stabbing, meeting and finding love with a certain brunette flower girl, and ultimately hearing a shot, and being plunged into something akin to a restful slumber) pervaded his mind, Zack took the opportunity to travel around Nexus. He only managed to travel past the Gold Saucer into another new area (a bustling village, with a signboard labeling it as "Rabanastre"-- Zack would have to investigate that later) when the sun's rays first started peeping up over the land.

Zack had promised to be back at Cloud's when Cloud awoke, and he intended to make good on his promise. Zack looked troubled and he knew it. His eyebrows were slightly knitted, his thoughts rolling and crashing in his head like an ocean. It certainly wouldn't do to show up at Cloud's looking like he was ready to strangle a rabbit. The brunet decided to clear his mind by sprinting all the way back to Midgar, racing across half of the markets of Rabanastre, past the Golden Saucer and back toward Tifa's bar. By the time he reached the place, the sun had just risen in the sky. Zack was far from out of breath (something that didn't surprise him, being that he didn't have any to waste), but did find his mind refreshingly cleared.

It was an old habit that made him reach his hand out for the doorhandle. When his hand went through, Zack sighed, shook his head at his own stupidity, and walked into the bar.

The place looked different when it was illuminated by the bright light of morning. It was for more... homely, more comfortable. Zack walked up the stairs, briefly considered knocking on the door (Tifa probably wouldn't have been pleased if he'd just barged in), and then decided that, hell, if he was going to accidentally catch an eyeful of Tifa in her nightwear (did she sleep in her underwear, perhaps?) Zack might as well do so with great gusto.

He walked in. To his relief, Tifa wasn't there. Instead, there lay the still form of Cloud, his back facing the door so Zack couldn't tell if his friend was awake or not. Zack paused, uncertain as to whether or not he really wanted to wake his friend up or not. He glanced at the clock-- 6am. In ShinRa, they would've been awake by now.

A fond, mischievous smile on his face, Zack slipped onto the bed behind Cloud, the mattress not bending or creaking to show any indication that he was actually there. He knelt just behind Cloud, holding his hair back and leaning stealthily over to the blond's ear. The room was deathly silent-- good. Zack silently sucked in a breath that he didn't need, and then bellowed in his best liutenant voice:

"Up and at 'em, soldier! What did you think you enrolled here for-- to sleep? Training started at four! Get your lazy maggot ass out of bed and hustle out there with the rest of the troops!"

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