Krile Maia Baldesion (hiryuu_speaker) wrote in x_nlogs_x,
Krile Maia Baldesion

{Characters} Krile and Setzer
{Status} Incomplete
{Setting} Moogle Forest, kupo


"Kupo! Kupo!"

The two moogles skittered around the prone figure of a fourteen-year-old girl lying half-curled on her side in the loam and leaves. She was fully clothed in a knee-length blue dress and sturdy khaki jacket, and her voluminous blonde hair was spread out in a ponytail behind her head. And she was apparently unaware of the moogles, until one of them tapped her face with a fuzzy paw.

"Mhn? What is it?" she said sleepily, opening one eye.

But at the sight of the moogle and the forest behind it, Krile sat bolt-upright. "Whoa! What's going on here?" she exclaimed, looking around.  "What happened to the castle?! How on earth did I get--" she looked down at the two moogles "--to the Moogle Forest?!"


Krile sighed, brushing off dirt from her right side. "You just found me lying here? Okay, well--no, that doesn't tell me anything." She frowned, tapping her foot. "Let's see... I just had a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, I went to my chambers to take a nap... my Crystals!" Her hand flew to the inside of her jacket, where  nineteen holsters were stiched to hold the shards that marked her as a Warrior of Dawn. "One, two, three--darn it!" She sighed, pulling the small crystals out and holding them up to the light to see the miniature armor and weapons within. "Samurai, Dragoon, and Archer. Well, that's better than nothing anyway."

She looked around again, trying to get her bearings. Guess the only thing to do is pick a direction and walk. Tucking the job crystals back in her jacket, Krile set off southward.

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