Zack Fair (taketheshot) wrote in x_nlogs_x,
Zack Fair

You are my sunshine, my only sunshiiiine...

{Characters} Zack and Cloud (SHOCKING, I KNOW. :O!) AND AERIS, DUN DUN DUN.
{Status} Incomplete
{Setting} Cloud's house
{Rating} Worksafe I lied. Because we're pervs.

Zack looked down at the blond sleeping under the checkered blanket. He looked over at the adjacent bed. Empty-- Tifa was out. He looked at the clock by the table. 4am. Zack wasn't quite sure he wanted to know why Tifa wasn't home at four in the morning, but then again, he didn't really care. In fact, he'd locked the door when he walked in. So I really hope she doesn't suddenly decide to come home now.

It had taken all of Zack's abilities to sneak into Cloud's house the way that he had. Each squeak of wood under his heavy boots had caused both a wave of glee and a wince in him. After all, Zack was pleased to be corporeal again (what a surprise that would be for Cloud), but he certainly wasn't planning to wake the blond up. Not at 4am. Grumpy blonds made for zero nookie.

Which led Zack to wondering what on earth he was doing at Cloud's house. He should've been asleep, but had been too happy to even manage to close his eyes for longer than a few minutes. He gazed down at the slumbering blond and briefly considered pouncing him. No, no. Then he might die of a heart attack, and we'd be right back to square one with that ghost thing again.

Zack sighed, a long, silent exhalation. He removed Buster Sword and propped it up next to First Tsurugi. He removed his boots and armor as quietly as he could and then padded over to Cloud's bed. He paused, and then removed his shirt as an afterthought. Crusted blood wasn't a very pleasant thing to be able to feel, and now that Cloud was actually going to be able to touch him...

Ehehe. I'm a ninja, thought Zack with a sly grin on his face as he slowly lifted the blanket. Making as little noise as possible, he slipped onto the bed behind Cloud, the springs only creaking slightly in protest. The mattress bent a little under his additional weight, rolling Cloud -- to Zack's glee -- closer to the brunet's body. Zack gingerly shuffled himself so that he was spooning his friend, his nose pleasantly tickled by the spiky blond strands at the back of Cloud's head. He snaked his arm over Cloud's waist so that Zack was half-cuddling him.

"Oh Clouuuuud?" Zack singsonged in a voice not quite loud enough to pierce through the heavy shroud of sleep. "Are you a-wa-ake?"

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