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Ever Forward.

{Characters} Larsa, Fran, Zack, Cloud and...anyone else who wishes to hop on board.
{Setting}Bhujerba Sky Port(but obviously we'll be moving around much.)
{Rating} Worksafe for now.
{Notes} I'm going ahead and starting this log, because...I can. 8D Powahr.

She whined in anxiety under the sun, flaunting the glistening jewels embedded in her flanks, and the magnificent ancient runes that bound powerful magicks unto her mechanics. The Durga was truly a piece of art, perched elegantly within a simple hanger of Bhujerba, awaiting its first flight.

The little Lord that had acquired her never really had use of such a sleek and private carrier. He was always being ushered out into the sky by his father, or brothers— all of which were now obliterated, along with the airships they had manned.

Now Larsa was the lone, but proficient head of House Solidor, and the Durga would finally take flight. This was all thanks his Viera cohort, who was presently modifying the ship’s artillery system, for, by Fran’s standards, they weren’t up to present day snuff. Still this was only secondhand knowledge for the Durga was a simple pleasure cruiser, created to look gorgeous, while getting its inhabitants from point A to B as fluidly and safely as possible.

A few strands of rich brown hair fluttered as a profound sigh was pounded out from the child’s lips. He sat up straight in his copilot’s chair, gloved hands folded neatly atop his thighs, and a prim expression on his face--- that hardly suppressed the impatience simmering underneath. He would not outwardly try and rush Fran, or anyone else for that matter, as they were still waiting upon many prospective companions for the journey. The child Emperor was finding it ever harder, however, to bottle his anticipation.

Larsa was knocked out of his impatient reverie by a distant hum of a mechanical device clicking on, and soon after its reverberating vibrations of life almost ejected him from his seat. Instinctively, he clutched onto the chair, peeping around the back just in time to see Fran emerge onto the deck.

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